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International doers for Finnish working life

Find international talents through us!

Through Vaasa International Talents, companies and other working life actors can easily find international resources representing a variety of degree programmes at the higher education institutions in Vaasa. The students have been exclusively selected to the programme. 

The programme equips participants with must-know facts about Finnish and local working life and its expectations on job applicants and employees.

There is a global competition for international talents. We want to meet the needs for competent labour force in the Vaasa region. There are different ways to get to know and connect with our international talents, for example through internships, thesis work, mentoring and other possibilities to visit your workplace. 

What's in it for me as an employer?

  • You save time because you have easy access to motivated international resources with a variety of skills and competences.
  • You will save money since we cover part of the salary costs of each internship.
  • You get support and guidance from us since we can share with you our own experiences of multicultural working communities. 
  • Our tips and recommendations can ease the onboarding process in your working community.
  • The onboarding is much smoother thanks to the employee’s previously gained knowledge of Finnish working life culture. 

Examples of our students' skills, competences and interests

Are you an international degree student at one of the higher education institutions in Vaasa?

Are you interested in getting your foot into the door of Finnish working life, but would appreciate some tools to enable that?

Then this Programme might be for you!

Photo credit: City of Vaasa/Mikael Matikainen

Employers, connect with us!

Our highly motivated talents are waiting for a chance to connect with you! 

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